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Our Promise

group photoTime and time again, every customer, every vendor, every supplier, every consultant we work with tells us that JFP is their favorite company to do business with.  Why? 

We believe it has something to do with what some people might call the ‘soft’ stuff.  While we take great pride in our business acumen, our technical expertise and our sophisticated manufacturing capabilities, what really makes us different – what sets us apart – is the passion, commitment, dedication and joy that our employees bring to the company each and every day. 

Take a walk through the plant – you’ll see people working hard but also smiling and joking with each other.  Sometimes you might see a passionate debate about the most effective way to get something done. 

You’ll also see our great diversity…production items ranging from high volume simple pouches to an intricately created winter wool coat.  You’ll see that no two days on the floor are the same with sewing machines and sewers constantly being moved to accommodate production schedules.  And you’ll get a certain feeling that this is unlike any factory floor you’ve walked before.

Give us a chance and we’ll be your favorite company to work with too.  We promise.